PROMO Food Service

Our main goal is to offer an excellent and professional service to our clients and suppliers as well as a highly valued experience for company employees.
We offer not only a broad selection of products but also provide professional consultations and education towards food service to companies according to their different needs and divide our activities as follows:
• Supplying ingredients and inventory to food service companies (restaurants, cafés, fast food diners, accommodation establishments, bars, etc.).
• Supplying ingredients and inventory to institutions and industrial companies (schools, pre-schools, healthcare, military institutions, railway, airline, shipping companies catering, etc.).
• Participation as a tenderer in various procurements.

Why choose  PROMO Food Service as a partner?

Best product selection - the selection we offer is suitable for the aforementioned clients and fully meets their needs

We provide professional chefs consultations, recipes, organize educational Master classes for our clients and partners, share global trends and experience via exclusive, premium quality assortment

We represent internationally known manufacturers/products, such as P&G, Philip Morris, Santa Maria, Risso, Borjomi, Olitalia, SCA Tork, 3M, Unilever etc.

Efficiency and flexibility - we deliver the goods to you within 24 hours of ordering to your choice of delivery point

We cover all needs of companies - we offer ca 10 000 different products to our clients as well as provide professional equipment

Convenience - orders can be submitted via the Call Centre, online or sales representatives

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